before it's too late...

tipputs inn - now or never

Thanks to everyone who has so-far added comments to the Stroud District Council Website objecting to the change of use of Tipputs Inn by Ruskin Mill.

You can still quickly and easily add your thoughts by following this link it will only take a couple of minutes!

Here's few valid objection topics you may wish to consider when completing the form, although it obviously needs to be your own, personal objection.

  • Do you think that the proposed use is a suitable one for the area?

  • Do you think that the change of use will cause you any nuisance or disturbance?

  • Do you think that the change of use will adversely affect you in any way?

  • Do you think that the change of use will have any adverse impact on the area as a whole?

  • What are your views regarding loss of character, amenity site and setting?

There are only 2 weeks left to make your views heard, so please act now, before it's too late...

Well, after a good battle, it looks like the Tipputs will close as a pub this Sunday as reported today in The Stroud Life as the owners have taken the 30 Pieces of Silver from the inadequate Ruskin Mill College.

It is a shame that the owners are prepared to lie so openly when the blame this campaign in their decision to close the pub quickly and I quote the Stroud Life...

Nick Beardsley of the Food Club said: “Since the well organised campaign to save the Tipputs as a pub was launched, the publicity has caused a dramatic fall in sales. “Trading losses have forced our decision but we have managed to secure jobs for all of the team within the Food Club group.

There is no mention of the fact that the pub started closing on Sunday evening's & all day Monday as soon as the Old Bell & Castle opened and then from Sunday evening until Thursday morning a couple of weeks later. With the doors shut and no-one to answer the phones they are bound to suffer a dramatic fall in sales; a shame the Stroud life couldn't be bothered to check this out before reporting such rubbish.

Anyhow, thanks for all your support - it shows what a community spirit there was to keep the pub open. Hopefully the pub will can still be listed as a community asset and Stroud District Council have asked us to remove the contact email for this purpose as they have enough emails. We will send one on behalf of the all the campaign.

Maybe you should show your support for the Food Club group of pubs by eating and drinking elsewhere, after all, despite all their rhetoric, they obviously care nothing for the local community...

You can still email anyone below to tell them what you think!

 .: MP Neil Carmicheal

 .: Stroud District Council

 .: Horsley Parish Council

 .: Food Club

 .: Ruskin Mill